About Dr Dahdah, BSc Grad Dip Chiro M Pain Med

Daniel Dahdah

Hello, and a warm welcome to St Jude’s Clinic. My name is Daniel Dahdah.

St Jude’s mission is to help you recover.

We assist people with Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (M.U.P.S).

Many conditions fall into this category including: Scoliosis or postural deformity, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Sleep disorders including recurring nightmares, Chronically unrefreshing sleep, Bowel Menstrual pain and symptoms to name a few. There are many MUPS that need breakthrough.

By looking at the statistics on the following pages, you will see that you’re most certainly not alone if you have a chronic illness.

Good health very clearly affects all aspects of life: relationships, occupations, education, recreation and so on. Even giving to others and reaching potential can be seriously undermined without health. Missing out on such opportunities is called the ‘Opportunity Cost’ of poor health.

Come and see what St Jude’s has to offer. You may have put up with this for too long….

For an appointment, call: 02 – 944 00 995

Sincerely, yours in breakthrough,


Daniel Dahdah