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It’s possible without Surgery or Bracing.

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Scoliosis Outcome Include

A warm welcome to St Jude’s Clinic website.

SJC targets Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms – MUPS, Please review the tabs to see who is attracted to St Jude’s.

The SJC approach both attractive and empowering because of its simplicity, yet it is the simplicity which makes it hard to believe. How does changing behavior / positions affect all these conditions, it’s very unusual model when compared to the ‘sophisticated’ approaches used in traditional care.
What you will see and read though from the SJC cases tab, are examples of real people and representative of several hundred cases – Bowel Menstrual Fatigue Scoliosis etc.

Here is a new approach incorporating logical methods to quality of life issues including postural deformity. The SJC model adds a further option now to the Pharmaceutical, Bracing, Surgical and exercise based model of Care – Incorporating daily behaviors into nightly and daily situations to make a difference to quality of life
It is amazing what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time.

May it be a refreshing change to what you are accustomed to and an empowering way forward.

Please take a few moments to explore the cases and do complete the ‘Contact Us’ page in case you need to share more about yourself.

Welcome to a model of healing as engineered by your body.

Yours in health,
Daniel Dahdah

Scoliosis outcomes include:

  • Improving your visual appearance
  • Reducing Cobb Angles
  • Identifying, Modifiying and eliminating Key Behaviours to stabilize and / or reduce spinal progression
  • Reduce or eliminate pain with effective management for long term benefits

SJC does not use bracing or surgery and has special guidelines for care (see the About Us page). Whilst we have been inspired by well-known conservative approaches of Schroth, CLEAR, and SEAS (Scientific exercises approach to Scoliosis) SJC presents a new way that does not focus on exercises, levers and weights, vibrating platforms, expensive equipment (Scoliosis Traction Chairs) or bracing. The SJC behavioural model identifies key behaviors to bring about the following case results. The benefits are further described in the Tab about Dr Dahdah.

Here are a several case studies from SJC ‘Cause and Effect’ approaches.

If you are interested in whether we can assist you, please phone St Jude’s on (02) 944 00 995 or contact us. We warmly welcome your enquiry.

Can you reduce Scoliosis pain?

Yes. Of course you can. A significant reduction in pain is achieved in most of our clients. An example is seen in Scoliosis Case Study 5.

Why a Non-Surgical Treatment for Scoliosis?

“A medical indication for spinal fusion surgery does not exist, except in extreme cases” – Weiss, Moramarco & Moramarco (2013)

In the words of Dr Weiss and his colleagues, spinal fusion is unnecessary in most cases. It is not a cure, and the spine can continue to twist and worsen beyond the
intense operation.

The invasive procedure may also lead to an adverse range of complications such as rod breakage, infections, increased deformity, and chronic pain. This may see the
patient requiring repeated surgeries thorough the rest of one’s life.

Safer alternatives should definitely be considered where possible, before an irreversible decision to undergo surgery is made.

Why a Non-Bracing Treatment for Scoliosis?

“Adolescence is recognized as a difficult psychological period in its own right and when it is compounded by the biopsychosocial effects of scoliosis and the brace treatment it can produce stress” – Sapountzi-Krepia et al. (2006).

Bracing is a highly aggressive procedure. It has effects on the mind as well as causing a lack of use effect on the muscles of the body. It aims to prevent the spine from worsening by holding it in place during a child’s growth spurt. Once the brace is removed, ample evidence suggests as high as 75% of cases worsen, in addition to the adverse psychological impact from bracing. The child experiences significant stress, damaged body image, and perceived self-limitations in sport, physical activities, and social events.

How can I learn more?

Learning is yours for the taking if you have an open mind and want to set meaningful goals in a safe environment. Please call 02 944 00 995 to make an appointment. Initial appointments may last for 1-3 hours depending on what is desired.