Bowel Disorders

“Are bowel disorders treatable? Positive changes have been achieved even with conditions that have lasted many years. How?”

irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

What are Bowel Disorders?

Bowel Disorders can be characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Cramps and bloating in lower abdomen
  • Pain that reduces after you go to toilet or past wind

Why Treat My Bowel Disorder?

Well it can be most disconcerting. Bowel Disorders interfere with our modern lifestyle. It’s thought that not consuming enough fibre, drinking enough water, responding to urges to go to the bathroom, or not getting enough exercise all contribute to Bowel Disorders, but if you’re doing all these things and are still having trouble what do you do?

If left untreated, Bowel Disorders may lead to damage of important organs, especially the colon. If a damaged colon is left unattended, colon cancer can occur. Persistent, chronic constipation may also be indicative of diabetes, under-active thyroid glands or depression.

How Can St Jude’s Help?

We have an approach that gets results. What is lacking is an understanding of how modifications to key habits and behaviours significantly affect bowel function and timing. Irregular to regular and less time on the loo! Do you go to the toilet regularly? What about first thing on waking? If not, come and pay a visit to SJC. It’s important.

Call +61 2 944 00 99 5. We love helping people. Share your concerns and questions with us regarding  a variety of Bowel Disorders.